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Drakken owns you all!
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After more than ONE YEAR or inactivity, here I bring you all another update. I really want to apologize for neglecting the Club for so long. I had many notes in the inbox, I checked them all and added the pending membership requests. We have 5 new members, 1 new affiliate, and new artwork has been added to the Club's gallery.
I really can't say I'll be updating often, but I'll do what I can. I apologize for those of you that had to wait this long to get your membership requests answered! I'm really sorry! I still hope you can enjoy the Club's collection of Drakken art.


:bulletblue: Dr. Drakken Fan Club :bulletblue:

Hello everyone! I'm Dinogaby and I welcome you all to the Dr. Drakken Fan Club on deviantART. Dedicated to Dr. Drakken! the coolest villain on the Disney TV show, Kim Possible!

:bulletblue: Reasons to love Drakken! :bulletblue:

I have liked him since I started watching the show...and like me, a lot of other fans! Drakken is more than the average villain that Kim fights in almost all the episodes...he’s the coolest villain on the show! (alongside with Shego of course). Drakken has a considerable online fandom, so he deserves a cool dA club too! He’s the classic evil mad scientist and still...has his own particular style and personality that makes him an awesome character! Just like the classic Disney villains!... Besides, his wicked plans for world domination and his priceless relationship with his evil assistant Shego, make for sure to have a good laugh while watching the show!

:bulletblue: Founder of the Club :bulletblue:

:star: :icondinogaby: :star:
A devoted Drakken fan and...a D/S shipper! :heart:

:bulletblue: Helper of the Club :bulletblue:

:star: :iconlmcolver: :star:

:bulletblue: Join the Club! :bulletblue:

Check out the RULES for joining. C'mon kids... read 'em! xD

:bulletblue: Check out the 'Cool Links' section :bulletblue:

:star: LINKS :star:

:bulletblue: Members List :bulletblue:

We have 91 registered members so far! ;)

1.:icondinogaby: 2.:iconaliciamartin851: 3.:iconsweetfabi: 4.:iconsteven12y: 5.:iconbenderscreator: 6.:icontoni-technaclaw: 7.:iconcaptainesshowdy: 8.:icongosen406: 9.:iconme-in-honey: 10.:iconazure-neon: 11.:iconblackfire18: 12.:iconturtlesea: 13.:iconlillyon: 14.:iconzoza: 15.:iconsavi04: 16.:iconskinny-mini: 17.:iconvengefulkiwi: 18.:iconchildlike-ghost: 19.:iconthe-bundycoot: 20.:iconshi-cha: 21.:iconlevelord: 22.:iconsilver-winged-demon: 23.:iconfazhou: 24.:icondoublesnl: 25.:iconjackiecello23: 26.:iconhildapossible: 27.:iconkpfan4life: 28.:iconsubzeroace: 29.:icondark-singer: 30.:iconwolfmanxv: 31.:iconlmcolver: 32.:iconincrediraider8: 33.:iconstapling: 34.:iconsuperghostduck01: 35.:iconshegosdrakken: 36.:icondrakkenlover: 37.:iconihearttoronto: 38.:icongabbie: 39.:iconkasiya-dk: 40.:iconebiru-zeru: 41.:iconpraeludium: 42.:iconseradarkness: 43.:icontheblizzardbuffalo: 44.:icon567: 45.:iconchickenfeet: 46.:iconpantlessninja: 47.:icondragonlover44: 48.:icontwmtwm: 49.:icontooraa: 50.:iconxxcoconutxx: 51.:icontoshiful: 52.:iconmozenrath-sama: 53.:iconfan-of-the-dark-side: 54.:iconelg09: 55.:iconnueva-paz: 56.:iconsonicocyborg: 57.:iconxiom: 58.:icongothiccornila: 59.:iconkelonerd: 60.:iconmirrorscope: 61.:iconnessathropp: 62.:iconstatikku: 63.:iconqualified-teen: 64.:iconwhalehugger: 65.:iconseraphicx: 66.:iconswordbunny4486: 67.Zeichentricklady 68.:icon16yashiro: 69.:iconjerige: 70.:iconlordofpastries: 71.:icondarrekton: 72.:iconboomski: 73.:iconoutlaw-duo-f: 74.:iconkabocha24: 75.:iconstuarti: 76.:iconforgottenangel16: 77.:iconshychick: 78.:iconennakkoaavistus: 79.:iconshego4893: 80.:iconsepsangel: 81.:iconfudjmunkee: 82.:iconbudgiegirl: 83.:iconasplashofsunshine: 84.:iconkugurumifunk18: 85.:iconlychee-soda: 86.:iconpyromaniacvampire: 87.:iconmiss-whoa-back-off: 88.:iconacid-drinker: 89.:iconphuzface1: 90.:iconcandi-neko: 91.:iconcattthy: 92. :iconvotrepoison: 93. :iconmcriggs: 94. :iconkarriss-j: 95. :iconkim-possible333: 96. :iconxfallen-angel3x:

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1.:icondrakkennshegoclub: 2.:icondrakkenkim-fans: 3.:iconwicked-kp-pairings: 4.:iconmontydrakken-fans: 5.:iconronstoppableclub:  6.:iconkimshego: 7.:iconclubshego: 8.:iconwe-love-badguys-club: 9.:iconkimpossiblefanatics: 10.:icondsobsessionfanclub: 11.:iconursula-fans:  12.:icondisneyvillains: 13.:icondisney-parkhoppers: 14.:iconjohn-dimaggio-fans: 15.:icondisneydreamers: 16.:iconwinx-fans: 17.:iconmonkey-ninjaz-club: 18.:iconharrypotterfanatics: 19.:iconrufuslovers: 20.:iconmozenrath-fans: 21.:iconpsymon-stark-club: 22.:iconzarakikenpachi-fc: 23.:iconcross-show-shippers: 24.:iconkp-realfans: 25.:iconkimronfanclub: 26.:icongrievousxshaak: 27.:iconbomango-fanclub: 28.:iconpotterpuppetpals: 29.:iconmad-scientists-club: 30. :iconbonnierockwallerfans:

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1.:iconthedreamfinder: 2.:iconlisting-centre:


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Queen-Cynder Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010
Join the club?

Can I join the club please? Drakken is AWESOME!!! (lol, and hot! <3) =P
DrDrakken Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009
Hmm...needless to say...this club ROCKS!!!:evillaugh:
swordbunny4486 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009
Hello I am now : :icontanithlipsky:
Potcfreak100 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I need to join this club! Drakken is like homey! LOL
PHUZface1 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2008  Professional Artist
Sweet! How can I join?
PyromaniacVampire Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I want be here too.
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